AMMS STEM AcademyPrincipal: Dr. Kelly Pelletier STEM Coordinator: Angel Maldonado

Medical Science


Medical Science Instructor

Dr. Thulasi Karunanidhi


Our Medical Science program is designed to introduce students to the various aspects of the modern health care delivery system. Some of the skills learned in this program are used by health care professionals. A variety of topics related to various careers in the health care industry will be examined.

Covered Topics Include:

  • Stress and the Health Care Worker
  • Health Occupations and the History of Medicine
  • Basic Health Care Skills
  • Medical Terminology
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Legal Aspects for the Health Care Consumer
  • Needs of the Terminally Ill
  • Blood Borne Diseases
  • Computers in Health Care
  • Employability Skills
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