Wednesday, Sept. 13th (Update)

Schools are closed through Friday. I hope that all of our students and families are safe. Here are some facts from the OCPS website:
1. Sixty-six (66) schools have no power

2. Seventy-five (75) schools have some water damage

3. Twenty-eight (28) schools have minor roof damage with some water intrusion

4. Sixty-nine (69) schools have fallen trees and debris spread across campus

5. Seventy-eight (78) schools have no IT systems connectivity

6. The city of Orlando is reporting 149 intersections without traffic lights and 280 incidents of fallen trees blocking roadways, causing concerns for students walking, riding bicycles or riding in cars to school.

7. School buses will be impacted by debris in roadways and inoperable traffic lights, requiring extra time and some re-routing.

8. Based on the power failures, our Food & Nutrition Services program will need to dispose of food inventory in impacted schools through a USDA regulated disposal process, and then re-stock. Some supply providers were also impacted by the storm, which may delay replenishing the food inventory.

9. All activities and athletic events have been cancelled and will resume when our students return to school. Athletic directors, coaches and maintenance staff will inspect fields, bleachers and outdoor facilities prior to resuming athletic practices and games. The district is currently working with principals and athletic directors to reschedule events depending on field conditions and timing.

10. Open House for elementary schools has been rescheduled for the week of September 18. Principals will be sending out notification to parents and staff.

11. Progress reports, which were scheduled for this Friday have been delayed until September 22.

As previously announced, Friday, September 8 and Monday, September 11 will not result in make-up days, under the superintendent’s authority. The waiving of additional make-up days may depend upon provisions beyond the district. If required, remember make-up days are already approved and linked under resources on the Hurricane Irma page or on the district’s School Calendar page.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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