Auditions are required for membership in Symphonic Band and Jazz Band, at Chain of Lakes Middle School. Auditions will be held in February and early March. Practice, get help, and let Mrs. Tobin know that you will be auditioning.

Auditions are required for All-State 7th and 8th Grade Band and Middle School All-State Jazz Band. Auditions are held in September, each year. Students receive the information regarding auditions, in May, for the following year. Students practice all summer and are required to play for Mrs. Tobin, so that she may help you prepare.

If you are auditioning for All-State, you need to attend the UCF All-State Clinic for some valuable assistance to set you up for greater success.  You must PRE-REGISTER for the event. Click HERE for the information.

Auditions are required for All-County Symphonic Band, and All-County Jazz Bands 1 & 2. Audition material is given to students in September, for the November audition. Students are required to plat for Mrs. Tobin, so that she may help you. You must pass off the audition material with Mrs. Tobin, before you may play for the judges.

Help is always provided for the students, before and/or after school.

Hold down on the ‘Auditions’ tab (above) and select from the drop down menu, for more information.