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What is All County Honor Choir?

It is an auditioned choir made up of high school students from schools all around Orange County. To be accepted, students must participate in a vocal audition. Students selected will participate in rehearsals and a performance led by a nationally recognized guest clinician. This is a very competitive event and selection to the choir is a high honor. All aspects of this event are mandatory for selected students. Although not required, participation in this event will earn credit towards an “A”.

Students selected for 2016-17:

  • Groves Taylor    12           A2
  • Rodriguez            Jose       11           B1
  • Lewin    Antroy  11           B1
  • Quevedo             Johan    10           B1
  • Cohenstrom       Robert  9              B2
  • Helsinger             Rose      12           S1
  • Rojas     Jessica  11           S2
  • Bishop  Jessica  12           S2
  • Mojena-Munoz                Kandys 12           S2
  • Oropeza               Nicholas               11           T1
  • Schmidt                Steven  11           T1
  • Lynch    James   12           T2

Dates for 2016-17:

  • January 10, 5-7:30pm (Tuesday)
  • January 17, 5-7:30pm (Tuesday)
  • January 19, 5-7:30pm (Thursday)
  • January 20, 8-5pm (Friday, with Clinicians!) January 21, 8-12:30pm (Saturday, Concerts!)

Students must complete an extracurricular activity form ASAP and submit a $40 registration fee by November 18. Contact Mr. Doherty if you have questions or concerns.

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