Click here for Candlelight Practice tracks and sheet music

The Walt Disney World Candlelight Processional takes place from the end of November until the end of December at the American Gardens Theatre in EPCOT. The show is a retelling of the Christmas story with full orchestra, massed choir, and a celebrity narrator.

We have auditioned and participated in Candlelight for many years. Some important details:

  • The maximum number of singers any school can bring on a given night is 125. This means that only Concert Choir, Advanced Women, Men’s Choir, and seniors from Ladies’ Choir & Belles Voix will audition for Candlelight.
  • There will be 25 Honor Choirs.
  • Honor choirs will be given 3 nights.
  • Singers will still be given 2 tickets for every night that they perform.
  • Members of Ladies’ Choir and Belles Voix may be included in our Candlelight video audition by participating in a pre-audition described below.

Pre-audition directions

  1. LOOK at the audition cuts for “O Holy Night” and “What Child is This” (click the links to view/print the sheet music) MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT THE AUDITION CUTS AND SING THE AUDITION CUTS ONLY.
  2. LEARN your part for the audition portion of the song. Do this using the Candlelight Practice page.
  3. RECORD yourself singing BOTH selections. At the beginning of each of the recordings, CLEARLY and SLOWLY say your first and last name and the voice part you are singing.  You may make one recording for each selection, of one recording with both selections on it.
    • Recordings may be either audio or video. MP3 is recommended for audio recordings and YouTube is recommended for video recordings. If we can’t open your files, then your recordings will not be judged.
    • Record the song with the track, but YOU SHOULD BE HEARD on the recording. If we can only hear the recording and can’t hear you we will not judge the recording.
  4. CHECK your recording to make sure that you can be heard. Ask yourself if this is your best quality of work. Send in a recording that you can be proud of!
  5. EMAIL the recording to by Wednesday, September 6, at 6pm. Late recordings will not be judged. Make sure that in your subject line you include your name and voice part.
  6. WAIT for Mr. Doherty to judge your recordings. Results will be announced no later than the end of the week.

If you are selected from this pre-audition, you must be available to record our audition DVD (as a group) on Monday, September 11 from 2:30 – 4pm.

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