Candlelight 2017 Chaperone Info

General information

Please take a moment to skim the following documents from the Candlelight staff.


Tuesday, Dec 5, 2017
*1:30pm departure, 5pm performance, 7:30pm return to Boone

Thursday, Dec 7, 2017
*3:00pm departure, 6:45 and 8:15 performances, 9:45pm return to boone

Thursday, Dec 28, 2017
*3:00pm departure, 6:45 and 8:15 performances, 11:30pm return to boone

Chaperone eligibility

  • Only adults aged 21 and over are allowed to chaperone this activity.
  • Must have registered or re-added your OCPS volunteer application. During registration/renewal, you should have added the opportunity called Boone Chorus Department Volunteer since August 2017. Go to our volunteer page for complete details.
  • Space is limited

What does a Candlelight chaperone do?

All chaperones will…

  • Ride the bus from Boone to Epcot and back
  • Assist in taking attendance at various times
  • Be a positive role model for the students, including observing OCPS rules of conduct for chaperones (i.e. no smoking, alcohol, etc)
  • Stay with the group during the field trip, except during the performance and “free” time in the park
  • Support and enforce OCPS code of conduct and general good behavior at all times. Be firm, clear, and consistent. In other words, be a chaperone!
  • Bring students to Mr. Doherty or Mrs. Noble who fail to comply with your instructions.
  • Help facilitate restroom breaks
  • Follow assigned schedule
  • Keep an eye out for students who may be ill or faint. If they need food/water, please assist them. If they require medical attention, notify Mr. D or Mrs. Noble ASAP so that he can call their parent and follow appropriate procedures.

“Working” chaperones will… (3 required)

  • Stay backstage, NOT see the show, and earn two one-day, one-park tickets.
  • Do one of the following jobs during the show:
    1. Guard the Boone table in the tent with student personal belongings
    2. Stand just off-stage to assist Boone singers who don’t feel well

“Non-Working” chaperones will… (all others)

  • NOT stay backstage during the show.
  • Instead, you stand in line for the show, see the show, and you earn one ticket. (All other chaperones)

Number of chaperones

We always have a lot of volunteers to chaperone this event. Disney limits us to one chaperone for every 5 performers. Therefore, space is limited and priority is given to parents who have volunteered with us previously during the year. 

What about those free tickets?

Chaperones will receive ONE free ticket per day that they chaperone.

Frequently Asked Questions (chaperones)

  • Do we need to pack a dinner?
    All performers and chaperones will be provided a nutritious meal upon arrival backstage in the tent. Chaperones also get a chance to buy food/drink around the American Pavilion as you wait for the concert to begin.
  • Do I need to ride the bus both ways?
  • Do I get to see the show?
    Most chaperones do, yes. If you have been assigned to “work” the show, I will let you know. Otherwise, you should plan to get in line for the show as soon as the chaperone meeting is over backstage.