Solo & Ensemble

ensembleWhat is Solo & Ensemble?

Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessment (S&E) is an assessment tool sponsored yearly by the Florida Vocal Association (FVA) for the purpose of promoting musical excellence in our choral programs. Students prepare 2 vocal solos with piano accompaniment and/or small group performances, which they perform in front of an FVA adjudicator (judge). This judge will assign them a rating based on a standards that encompass every aspect of musical performance. Sample adjudicator sheets are available here.

Who is eligible to participate?

Only students taking private voice lessons or Mr. D’s vocal techniques class are eligible to participate.

2012-13 Event Info

  • Rehearsal with David: All participants have been scheduled for a rehearsal with David
  • Solo & Ensemble schedule: TBA

 Song resources

Miscellaneous Resources

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