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Welch’s Fruit Snacks fundraiser

welchsWe kick off our Welch’s Fruit Snacks fundraiser tomorrow in class. If you would like to make a payment instead of participating, that can still be done TONIGHT on If you do, please forward the email receipt to your director. All students with a balance will receive a carrier of Fruit Snacks tomorrow. See link for full details.

Fees Owed by Students

All students who have not paid their fees by January 17 will be issued a box of Welch’s Fruit Snacks as part of a fundraiser that will earn each student a $25 profit. Additional boxes can be sold for additional profit. All details will be announced when the fundraiser begins. If you wish to pay the balance prior to January 17, you can pay with SchoolPay, cash, or check to Boone High School. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your directors.

To find out how much you owe, click the link below and look for your Student ID number. They are listed in numerical order. For privacy, student names are not listed. If you have a zero or negative (-) balance, that means you don’t need to pay anything.

Ad Book Sales due Sept 16

Our primary fall fundraiser has begun! Today, students received information and order forms and were encouraged to start. All sales need to be completed by Friday, September 16, which is also the deadline for chorus uniform and PFC fees. Through ad book sales, students can earn 100% profit towards those costs. For more information, see the links below:

Looking for info on how much you owe for chorus this year? See the financial page.

Fundraiser / PFC due this month!

World-Finest-ChocolatesBy the deadline of January 27th (Wed), all students must pay or fundraise their 2nd semester PFC of $25. To help everyone with this task, we will begin a candy sale/fundraiser in the next few days. This fundraiser is World’s Finest Chocolate and will end on January 27th. Profit is 50%.

In order to participate, students must bring in the attached form signed by a parent.

Whether you choose to participate in the fundraiser or not, please see the attached letter for important information. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Now it pays to help the chorus!

Fall Chorus Parent Meeting

Our first chorus parent meeting of the year is on September 3 at 7PM. Please plan to attend this important meeting where we are planning to create a more organized Chorus Volunteer Team. There are now benefits to volunteering including first dibs on chaperoning Candlelight, a chorus parent team tee shirt, and free upgraded VIP tickets to our shows. If you’re interested in helping the chorus this year, please plan to attend this important meeting.

Help with Fall Fundraiser

We are in need of 2-3 parents to help streamline our fall Ad Book fundraiser (ads and sponsorships). If you are willing to help work as part of a team to help get corporate sales, create a plan to reach our local businesses, or graphic design of the ad book itself, please reply to this message. We will start this fundraiser in week two of school, so time is of the essence!

Ad Sales & Chorus PFC Deadline

This is not a photo of our actual auditorium

This is not a photo of our actual auditorium

The chorus department at Boone High School is preparing for the amazing season ahead and is in search of sponsors to help our young artists create outstanding choral performances. This is a new enterprise for us, and we hope to help build and support business in our community while raising funds for accompanist and choreographer fees, clinicians, music, group travel, concert recordings, MPA registration, classroom equipment, technology, and performances. It also helps us determine the scale of our Variety Show in the spring. Will we have the funds to hire a choreographer, lighting designer, sound engineer, professional musicians, etc?

The deadline for all ad sales is Friday, December 5. By that date, we must have an order form, payment, and the graphics for each ad to be projected at our concert. The success of this fundraiser

  • This is a great opportunity for local businesses to advertise to the Boone community. You are encouraged to approach locally owned businesses, as chains often have to contact their corporate office and can’t work within our time frame.
  • In the past, some families have purchased an “ad” with photos and a message to be displayed on-screen in tribute of their child’s involvement in the chorus program. This is most often done for seniors, but it is not limited in that way.

Chorus PFC deadline

This fundraiser is intended to help students raise the funds to pay their Chorus PFC of $75. The deadline for the PFC is the same as the ad sales– Friday, December 5. Students who fail to fundraiser or pay their PFC by this deadline will have an obligation entered for this amount with the school media center.

Gift Card Fundraiser

Gift cards from our recent “59 minute fundraiser” have arrived! That means that students will now sign out the gift cards they sold over the phone, deliver the gift cards, and collect the money owed. All fundraiser money is due Friday, October 3.

The profits from this fundraiser are intended to help students pay for their chorus uniform. Chorus uniform payments are also due Friday, October 3. See the letter for details!

Deadline for PFC and Ad Book Sale

All students are expected to fundraise or pay their chorus PFC (personal financial commitment) of $75.00 by the final deadline of Monday, October 21. Payments can be made by cash, check to BHS, or online using SchoolPay. For details, see page 3 of the Chorus Handbook.

AD BOOK SALE: The ad book fundraiser ends on Monday, October 21. Students should submit all order forms, payment, and graphics by that time. For details about this fundraiser, click here.

Let us know if you have questions or concerns. Thank you!

Ad Book Fundraiser begins

Ad Book Photograph

Concert programs with advertising from past years

All chorus students have the opportunity to raise money for their Chorus PFC by participating in the Ad Book sale! Expenses for this fundraiser are low, so students earn 75% profit on ads sold and 100% profit on sponsorships! The sale begins immediately and ends on Monday, October 21.

  • Fundraiser General Info: Also explains how to be successful with this fundraiser
  • Order form
    • Page 1 is the order form
    • Page 2 is the customer’s copy– please fill it out for them!