Welcome, students!

Boone Chorus is a dynamic and growing department with exciting opportunities for students across the Reservation. Students who sing in choir at Boone will get to make incredible music, grow in their personal musicianship, be part of a wonderful community, and experience the amazing power of singing together with others. If you are interested in taking choir this year, send Mr. Doherty a message. It’s not too late to sign up!

Schedule Concerns

Please note that we are actively working on fixing scheduling issues. Due to inadequacies with the auto scheduler, it is fairly common for students to be in the wrong chorus class at this point. Here’s some common issues and their solutions.

I don’t have chorus in my schedule, and I want it!
Both Mrs. Noble and Mr. Doherty will be actively working to fix schedules before and after the first days of school. If you want to contact your counselor directly or make an appointment with them, that may help us get things done. More importantly, send Mr. Doherty a message describing what you want to drop or change in your current schedule in order to add chorus. 

I’m in a different chorus class than I expected.
This is fairly common, so please don’t be overly concerned. We will work with your counselors to get you in the right period. It may be good to send Mr. Doherty a message just to be sure.

If you have any other concerns, don’t hesitate to send Mr. Doherty a message 🙂