Grading Policy

All students will be graded fairly based on their individual accomplishments. Orchestra is a performance-based class as well as an academic enhancement course. Student’s grades reflect participation in class and at concerts, written assignments (both in and out of the class), playing tests, written curriculum tests, and a quarterly project.

25% – Performance (Lab)
30% – Tests (Test)
30% – Assignments (Homework)
15% – Preparedness (Classwork)

Performance and rehearsals held beyond school hours are a required part of the Orchestra curriculum and are therefore part of the student’s grade. The amount of additional time is minimal but mandatory. See Calendar for specific dates.

Concerts and MPA Performance absences will result a lowering of the final grade by two letter grades.  A missed performance may be made up upon request.  It is the student’s responsibility to initiate this process.

Students will be tested on various musical excerpts throughout the year. Students will be graded based upon correctness of notes, steady beat, musical style, bowing techniques, intonation, and most importantly, position, both hand and body. Students will also be tested on music vocabulary, music theory, and other information related to the class.

Various assignments will be given throughout the year. These will include listening activities, theory worksheets, music history worksheets, bellwork, etc. Points will be given based on completion and correctness.

Concert Spotlight
Students will also be required to attend one concert per nine weeks in which they are not involved. This can be a band, chorus, high/middle school concert, local concert, etc.

Students earn preparedness points everyday: 5 points per day for a total of 25 weekly points. Maximum daily classroom participation points are earned when you:

  • arrive to class on time
  • have instrument and all needed materials
  • remain on task
  • refrain from classroom disruptions such as talking to other students and unsolicited comments
  • focus on the director
  • actively participate in sectional rehearsals
  • demonstrate proper posture and hand positions.

The county grading scale of 90 – 100 = A, etc., will be used. Final Exams will be averaged according to Orange County and Freedom High School policy.

It is my expectation that students will meet all deadlines for this courses. If deadlines are not met, the following consequences will occur:

  • A phone call to involve parents will be made.
  • Student will be expected to make arrangements to complete work during tutoring hours.
  • A grade of “F” will be placed in the grade book until satisfactory work is completed.

The Orchestra program follows the Freedom High School grading guidelines where the lowest grade given will be a 50%.