The most important material needed for orchestra is a properly sized and well maintained instrument. Below is a list of places students can both purchase and rent instruments:

Sources for rental instruments and/or musical supplies (these are just a few)

Store Phone Website
Allegro Music (407) 830-5856
Atlantic Strings, Inc. (407) 898-2698
Avalon Music Center (407) 447-7272
The Band Room (407) 897-7080
Florida Musical Instruments (561) 296-7831
Gainesville Violins (352) 372-8264
Jerry Weiss (407) 896-8001
Johnson String Instruments
USA Violins
Muni Strings (407)951-6256
Music and Arts (407)332-1477
Music Shack (407) 678-1756
String Works
Shar Productions
Southwest Strings

Please do not purchase a bargain instrument. Sometimes well-meaning parents find violins at very low prices on the Internet, at a department store, or at a pawn shop. Beware, for the old saying “You get what you pay for” is especially true for string instruments. An inexpensive violin, while it may look shiny and pretty, is generally of inferior quality, breaks easily, does not stay in tune well (often causing enough frustration to cause the student to quit), and generally requires adjustments by a professional repair person to even make it playable (incurring additional costs anyway). We would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have in order to help you acquire a quality student instrument for your child.

OCPS policy: “Students are ultimately responsible for their personal property, not the class. Orange County Schools does not have insurance or any other plan that will cover damage, theft, or loss of privately owned instruments and equipment. If it is to be covered, it must be through a parents personal insurance, such as homeowners, etc.”