Orchestra Membership

The orchestra program is open to all students demonstrating the desire, ability, and proper attitude to be a member of the group. Previous experience is not required. Each student will have an equal and fair opportunity for participation in the orchestra program.

Students desiring membership must audition. Students will be placed in an orchestral ensemble at the discretion of the director based upon audition results. If the prospective student has no previous experience, he/she will be placed in the Prelude Orchestra class.

All students entering the program must have, and maintain, at least a 2.0 GPA. Any student failing to remain eligible shall be suspended from all orchestral activities until their academic status has been regained. However, this does not excuse the student from attending orchestral functions. These functions include, but are not limited to, regularly scheduled class periods, after school rehearsals, and concerts. Student’s GPA will be checked frequently during the year.  See the OCPS Extracurricular Activity Agreement Form for details.


The single factor that will determine the success of any individual or organization is attitude. It takes intense dedication to reach goals. Students should learn to discipline themselves to daily practice. These practice sessions should include a warm-up regimen, as well as solos and the whittling of their parts. Ideally, the “right attitude” accompanies sincerity, concentration, and dedication as the basic foundation. Such an attitude makes an artistic performance inevitable. It is a privilege to belong to an orchestra.  Make the most of it in every rehearsal and performance.


Due to the nature of the organization, discipline within the orchestra must be strict. Orchestra students and their parents must be willing to accept the ideals, principles, and rules of the organization.


Orchestra members are constantly on display. Therefore, each member must always be aware of the importance of good behavior. Any misconduct casts a negative light on the orchestra, as well as Freedom High School. This may very well undo the hard work and good effort of many loyal students. In addition, misconduct reflects on your community and parents/guardians. Discipline yourself so you can be the best possible person.
Basic values are a requirement. Students who are repeatedly disciplined by school authorities for violation of school policies are a liability to the program, and are subject to dismissal.


A simple definition is “the state of being proud”. I want us to take pride in everything we do, not just in orchestra, but also in all of our classes and actions. If you are going to do something, do it with PRIDE!