Orchestra Officers

In order to facilitate a smoother running organization, the orchestra elects officers.  Holding one of these positions will not affect a students grade, and should be considered a service to the orchestra program.  Students in these positions must maintain minimal overall GPAs of 3.0. At no time will the officers dictate classroom procedures or music selection. The director reserves the right to dismiss any officer for justifiable reasons.

President (Junior or Senior) 

  • Conduct meeting and hold votes
  • Insure all officers are following through with their responsibilities
  • Hold group discussions
  • Organize and supervise special projects
  • Organize campaigns for recruiting new students

Vice President (Sophomore, Junior or Senior) 

  • Organize social activities
  • Assist President with duties
  • Organize after school “workshops” to assist middle schools
  • Organize community concerts (i.e. retirement homes, businesses, etc.)

Secretary (all classmen)

  • Take minutes at meetings
  • Assist with general office work
  • Send invitations to performances
  • Send birthday cards
  • Send letters and thank you notes

Librarian (all classmen)

  • Maintain the music library
  • Maintain classroom set folders
  • Oversee practice parts for students

Orchestra Manager (all classmen)

  • Responsible for setting up and taking down chairs, stands and any other special items for rehearsal and performances
  • Organize and supervise stage crew for all events
  • Keep music stands tightened
  • Maintain cleanliness of “Back Stage” including hallway
  • Organize quarterly cleaning crew days for orchestra room, stage, back stage, and PAC

Social Media and Communications Manager (all classmen) 

  • Get the word out to the student body and community about the FHS Orchestra
  • Manage FB, Twitter, Blog, etc.
  • Work with Secretary to advertise concerts

Historian (all classmen) 

  • Take pictures/videos of the group throughout the year
  • Maintain a group scrapbook
  • Contact Alumni for special events

Class Representative 

  • Collaborate with orchestra members, bring classmates’ ideas and needs to officers meetings
  • Point of Contact with substitute when the orchestra director is out