Other Items


Courtesy to teachers, school employees, parents, chaperones, other students, and guests is very important.  Each of us should strive to be considerate of all others.  Discourtesy and rudeness will result in disciplinary action as set forth in the Freedom Student Handbook.  Serious violations may result in dismissal from the orchestra.

Student Valuables

Students are not to bring large amounts of money, gaming devices, personal laptops, cameras, etc. to orchestra.  It is the students’ responsibility to keep track of glasses, watches, and any other jewelry.  Students are responsible for their personal items in the rehearsal area.  When not in their hands, instruments should be locked in a secure case.  The director, Freedom High School, and Orange County Public Schools are not responsible for missing or damaged property.


We always need volunteers. Field Trips, fundraisers, and other activities happen throughout the year. In order to volunteer, parents must be approved and part of the OCPS ADDitions Program. To sign up, please click the link.

Company Donations

Several local employers will make donations to groups in the community.  The Freedom High School Orchestra is eligible to received those donations.  If you are a Walt Disney Company employee, Disney has a “Ears-to-You” grant program.  This program grants money on the behalf of cast members who earn community service hours (Hours volunteering for Freedom High School count!). The grant varies depending the amount of hours volunteered, but ranges from $100 – $5000. Universal Studios employees have a similar program.  In the past, the Freedom Orchestra has greatly benefited from these programs.  If you are a cast member of either company, please consider the Orchestra to receive your award.