There will be many performances in a standard school year. As stated in the grading section, concerts are mandatory. Students will be required to arrive one (1) hour before the start of the concert.  For a complete listing of the year’s performance events, please visit the Calendar.


The Performing Arts Department has adopted one uniform this year. The uniform is a one-time expense and will not change after this year. The costs listed are subject to change. Uniforms are ordered from a company (to be determined by the performing arts department). In order to have proper colors and fits, all uniform specialty parts must be ordered.

Black pants, black dress shoes (no sneakers) and black socks. White tuxedo shirt (wing collars) with a plain white undershirt, a black bow tie and cummerbund. Black studs and cuff links. The tuxedo shirt, studs, cuff links, bow tie and cummerbund prices will be announced. You must provide your own undershirt, shoes and socks.

The formal dress is black and white. You will receive more information on the ordering process. You will need to provide your own black stockings, shoes and undergarments.


Beyond the traditional concerts, the orchestra will participate in several other events. These events could involve missing classes. Students are still responsible for missed class work. These performances will require special meeting times, which will be determined closer to those events. Dress still follows the concert guidelines.

Florida Orchestra Association District Music Performance Assessment
This performance involves presenting a concert for three judges. The judges will rate the performance on many standards. This event normally takes place in Orange County. Quality District MPA performances allow the group to attend State MPA.

Florida Orchestra Association State Music Performance Assessment
This performance involves presenting a concert for three judges. The judges will rate the performance on many standards. This event rotates and could take place in a number of locations.


Individuals will also have many other performance opportunities, both on the local and state level. Participation in these events is highly encouraged.

Florida Music Educators Association All State
Student musicians from around the state of Florida form these ensembles. To be a member of All State, a student must audition for admission. Auditions normally take place in September for the January event.

Solo and Ensemble MPA
Students can form small ensembles and/or prepare solos. At Solo & Ensemble MPA, the individual (or group) performs for a judge, and is rated on several performance standards. Solo and Ensemble MPA occurs at the district and state levels.

Orange County All County Orchestra
Student musicians from around Orange County form these ensembles. To be a member of All County, a student must audition for admission. Auditions are recorded in October for the November event.

Youth Symphonies
The Orlando area is lucky enough to support three youth orchestra programs. They are the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra (, the Central Florida Community Arts Young Artists Orchestra (, and the Metropolitan Area Youth Symphony ( All meet on weekends and would be a great addition to a student’s learning.

Private Lesson
One-on-one instruction is the best way to accelerate your personal musical growth and to challenge yourself through solo literature.  It also helps better prepare you for All-State, All-County and even college additions. There are many highly qualified instructors in Central Florida.  Please see the director for a list.