Preface, Vision and Objectives

This handbook has been written to provide orchestra members, parents, and other interested persons with information concerning the orchestral activities at Freedom High School. It is not possible for this handbook to answer to all questions that may arise. All orchestra members and parents are urged to read this handbook carefully in order to avoid conflicts with the policies stated. It will also give the reader an idea of what is expected of each student.

School rules and policies are in effect any time a student is involved in an activity sponsored by or in the name of Freedom High School. School policy shall have priority over orchestra policy in the event of any conflict.

The orchestra director has the authority to suspend or amend any orchestra policy at any time deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of the orchestra program.


To provide to all students, exceptional performance engagement experiences in the creative arts.


The primary objectives of the orchestra program are:

  • To increase the musicianship of EVERY student
  • To increase the literacy and fluency of the musical language
  • To provide each student with an artistic music making experience