Sept. 2, 2016

Our first week of class is nearly behind us and what a great week it was!

Our 3rd – 5th graders participated in a debate called “Mountains vs Bicycles”, using facts taken from informational texts and from videos.  We watched & read about the Wilderness Act and then read about a new bill proposal to allow mountain/trail bikers to ride on lands protected by the Wilderness Act.  Watching a video of a trail rider going down a mountain helped us to gather information too!   We also worked on our team roles this week – learning how to serve a team in various ways is important!

mountains vs bikes

In 1st & 2nd grade, we dabbled in Problem Solving this week.  After reading a collection of nursery rhymes, we identified problems within each story.  Working in teams we selected a problem to work on and then generated ideas for solving it.  We talked about how to use criteria to select our best solution too!

team roles primary


Our getting-to-know-you activity helped us to build a Periodic Table of our classroom family!   As new students join our class, we’ll add them to our display!



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