Bonus Programs

Miss Kelly’s Bonus Programs

~ Please sign up before 3:15 Thursday so that I can plan accordingly.
~ Please don’t have kids sign themselves up. Last year I know some of you sent kids down to sign up just to save time (totally understandable) but that led to some issues – kids didn’t always sign up for what they were supposed to once they saw what other kids signed up for – and kids who saw other kids sign up thought they were allowed to just sign themselves up too.  :0)
~ Please be aware of how many students you’re signing up. Leave some spots open for your colleagues!  :0)

Here are the programs:

1) Makerspace:  (AKA: Dolphin Do-Lab)

Grade Levels:  3rd, 4th, & 5th

When is it:        Third Grade:   Fridays 11:15 – 12:00
                               Fourth & Fifth:  Fridays 1:15 – 2:00
(students are welcome to bring lunches with them)

Who to send:   Students who (1) need extra challenge in their school week, (2) are able to step out of the instructional stream in your classroom, (3) are independent & trustworthy workers with strong work habits, and (4) have demonstrated interests and abilities in doing the work of makers:  generating ideas, improving ideas, creating products, being inspired, asking questions, & applying information.  Different thinkers can come each week – or send the same thinkers each week if they’re working on a long term project.

What is it:        Makerspace:  “A place where a people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, build community, and create!”   School makerspaces give students opportunities to apply knowledge, test understandings, ask questions, explore ideas, and engage information and ideas in new ways.  Students engage in open-ended tasks, self-selected learning, cross pollination of domains, and process-centered work.  In makerspaces, ideas are given room to grow.  Our school makerspace was nicknamed the “Dolphin Do-Lab” last year.  For 3rd graders we offer a Weekly Challenge.  For 4th and 5th graders we offer a Weekly Challenge, Coding Corner, and the Projects Table.

Weekly Challenges:  A critical/creative thinking task – usually involving construction of some sort.  An Engineering Design Process is encouraged – generate ideas, design, test, & make improvements.  Students will work individually or in small teams to complete the task.  (10-12 students)

Coding Corner:  Students who have completed Course 2 and/or Course 3 on are able to sign up to come to Coding Corner.  There they can continue to work independently through the challenges/games on the website – or they can work on Lego We-Do projects which combine coding and Lego construction skills.  Students will be working online – so they should be trustworthy when using online resources. (4 students)

The Projects Table:  An open-ended projects table which will have a different focus for each 9-weeks – this quin it will be Photography.  There will be a set of old iPhones to use as cameras along with “Project Cards” with suggestions of different photography related projects – or student can dream up their own project!  A few apps/programs will be shared with students and project support will be available.  Students will be given opportunities to walk around campus to find photography subjects (not people) – so they should be trustworthy with online technology and personal safety.   (8 students)


2) Book Lovers:  

Grade Levels:  4th & 5th

When is it:       Meets Fridays from 9:45-10:30.

Who to send:  Highly-able and/or Gifted readers who (1) are able to step out of the instructional stream in your classroom, (2) are passionate readers, (3) are ready and able to engage in text-related discussions, questioning activities, debates, and reflections on their reading content and process.  Different readers can come each week – or send the same readers each week… either way.  Students should bring a book they are currently reading.  (Not read previously or about to start.)

What is it:        The Book Lovers group is a flexible grouping (members vary) of passionate readers who want to get together to share, discuss, question, & digest what we’re reading.  We also meet to practice skills which will help us to continue to know, understand, love, share, and be passionate about books, stories, characters, and authors.  Our intent is to support advanced readers as they make gains and build skills.


3) Chess Nuts:

Grade Levels:  4th & 5th

When is it:       Fridays 10:30 – 11:15    (students are welcome to bring lunches with them)

Who to send:   Students who (1) are able to step out of the instructional stream in your classroom and (2) are interested in playing Chess!  They do not need to know how to play already – we’ll teach them!

What is it:        Chess Nuts is an informal & flexible group whose purpose is to support students who want to learn how to play Chess and/or who would like to build their Chess playing skills by playing, sharing, and learning together.  Different students can come each week.  This is not a competitive group or team, but information will provided about local area competitions – for those who are interested.


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