Meet Miss Kelly

Who is Miss Kelly? 

Family:                    Miss Kelly has a wonderful, loving family.  Her daughter graduated from George Washington University a few years ago and now lives, works, and acts in Washington, DC!  Believe it or not, most of the rest of Miss Kelly’s family are teachers!  Her mom was a nurse and is now a college professor.  She helps older people and their families to live healthy, happy lives.  Her father was a Marine pilot for many years.  He even flew the President!   After he retired, he taught high school.  These days he works as a Deacon and likes to collect stamps too.  Miss Kelly’s parents live just a few minutes away from Lake Sybelia!  Both of Miss Kelly’s older sisters are teachers too!  One teaches in Orlando and the other teaches in New York!  Her younger brother is a firefighter in Orlando and his wife is a teacher too!  Miss Kelly has 1 niece and 2 nephews who she loves like crazy!

Fun:               Miss Kelly loves to read and really, really loves to go to the movies!  She loves oldies music.  Painting is another thing she loves to do when she has time.   She enjoys going out for salad with friends and inviting friends over for breakfast.

Favorites:   We all have favorites, here are a few of Miss Kelly’s!

Favorite Book:        Andrew Henry’s Meadow
Favorite Food:        Granny Smith Apples 
Favorite Singer:     Frank Sinatra 
Favorite Flower:     Daisy 
Fav. Star Trek:        Next Generation
Favorite App:          Twitter
Favorite Channel:  History         
Favorite Animal:   Platypus
Favorite Game:      Chess
Favorite Color:      Lime Green 
Favorite Drink:     Pink Lemonade