Letter from the Advisor

Dear Patriots,

I am proud to announce the first issue of the 2017-2018 school year. We are a “rookie” staff of journalists – none of the students on staff have been on a newspaper or yearbook staff before. I am so proud of their effort, hard work, and enthusiasm. Out of 30+ articles written, we have published 18 this month to inform, entertain, and communicate with the FHS community.

I hope you enjoy seeing our hard work and that you learn something new. Please forgive us any rookie mistakes or errors, and know that we are growing and going to get better month after month to be something that the Patriot Nation can be proud of. 

If you feel like you want to respond to our editorials, to submit your own artwork/music/poetry, or even if you have a club or sport event that you think should be featured in the next paper (tentatively set for the beginning of November), then please, email me or stop by room 512.

Thanks so much for reading,

Ms. Mary Morley
Proud Newspaper Advisor