Student Perspective: Venezuelan Immigrants

by Adrianna Nouel
Today, many Venezuelans are doing everything possible to look for other horizons, away from the land that saw them born. We do not leave the country because we want to, in fact, we leave with faith that our country will be fixed very soon. Currently there are important colonies of Venezuelans in Spain, the United States, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia , Panamá, México, Costa Rica and practically anywhere in the world.

Many ask us why we emigrate from their country? Most people migrate due to different situations, but many of these situations are: crime, there is shortage, the president is a corrupt president, insecurity (you can not leave after 7 pm because you do not know if you will return home), a salary minimum is not enough for you to buy clothes (which should not be), and more.

We Venezuelans consider ourselves one of the hardest working people in Latin America, we are very friendly and we always shake hands. Let’s say, that because of our tropical climate and our social culture, Venezuela was never a country where everything was perfect, impeccable, clean and orderly. Today, there are many Venezuelan emigrants watered by the world; since the political and economic situation in Venezuela is getting worse every day. 15 years ago Venezuela was a country the world was going to know, and enjoy its beautiful beaches, lands and plains. My country is one of the most rich of the world, nowadays Venezuela is not like before, where you got everything you wanted, where the typical dish was never missing in your house. Now, we are going through an ugly situation in Venezuela, since we know that not only is the wealth falling, but we’re not even safe outside. After 6 pm, we cannot be in the streets because we do not know if we will return home. Today, all Venezuelans are leaving their country; it is painful to leave your native country and having to migrate to another country. Making a new life, to start from zero, where you do not have work, which you must in order to take a plate of food home. A place, where you do not know English and you have to learn it because it is necessary.

The education in Venezuela is very different from other countries, each of the students see 12 subjects in the year, and there we only have the primary, high school and obviously the university, those being state colleges and public colleges. But, we never had an elementary school. The educational system is expressed in how school dropout affects more adolescents living in poverty and in rural settings.  Nowadays there are many young women who are in a state of pregnancy and many men who stop studying. Currently 71,814 Venezuelans have not been able to join secondary schools. There is a high risk that children born in poverty cannot go to those private schools that many want, because they are very expensive and could not improve their socioeconomic conditions. Many years ago these children received help from the state; nowadays this state aid is very minimal since the country does not have the economic part as before. Today a teacher earns very little and many resign because they prefer to leave the country, since the minimum wage is not enough for them.

Today, there are many teenagers between 15 and 16 who are orphans, and it is up to them to assume the responsibility of raising their brothers and have the responsibility to raise and to get ahead. Many stop studying and start working. In conclusion we can see how was the conclusion of 2016 and many years ago and we see how the future is predicted the theme of migrants in 2017. Today there are many more emigrants than the previous years because nowadays the purchasing power it is very horrible.