November Poetry Submissions

Has He Seen You Naked?
by Zé Menoscal-Goitia, grade 9

Has he seen you naked?
You know who I’m talking about.
He’s the love of your life.
He’s your stars and moon.
He’s the air you breathe in and out.
All you think about is him.

The answer to that question is…
He probably has.
He’s probably touched every part.
He’s seen every part.
Every bone.
Every bruise.
Every scar.

But think about it…

Has he seen you scream in anger?

Has he seen you cringe in disgust?
Has he seen you smile and laugh with joy?
Has he seen you at your lowest of lows,
Has he seen you at your highest of highs?
Has he seen you without your makeup?
Has he seen you with your bed head hair?
Has he seen you cry yourself to sleep?

Has he seen you feel worthless,

             Stressed out


                                  In pain?

Let me ask you again:
Has he seen you naked?


Sexy Poison

by Voluptuous Bane

Sexy Poison sexy Poison
Where have you been
Sexy Poison sexy Poison
What have you done
Sexy Poison sexy Poison
You had a good run
You had your fun
Sexy smile across your face gettin boys in they feelings
With them not knowing what the deal is
You can break someone’s heart in just one sitting
With your nice lies and body language which seem appealing
But I’ve known you longer and trust me that’s misleading
You claim you’ve changed  that’s defective pleading
You say you’re sorry so you can seem appealing
all the lies all your scams they all turn applaud appalling






2 responses to “November Poetry Submissions”

  1. Zé Avatar

    omggg im glad my poem got published!! ٩(。•́ᴗ•̀。)۶

  2. Alex H Avatar
    Alex H

    Great poems, I really enjoyed them!