Club Spotlight: SGA

by Jayda Rodriguez


Here at Freedom High School we offer many different clubs and organizations for all students to join. The wide variety of options allow for students to meet new people, and leave their comfort zone. Some of these extra curricular activities include:


  • Medical Club
  • Debate
  • Digital Gaming Club
  • French Club


  • AVID
  • Japanese Honor Society
  • Student Government Association
  • Mu Alpha Theta

These are just some of the many different extracurricular activities that students are more than welcome to join. Some of these activities play a large role in our schools events and overall function. One major organization at Freedom High School is an organization known as the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA hosts many school events and works along side administration to improve the overall quality of the school.

SGA students in Ms. Ciliberti’s class make posters. L-R: Taylor Artz, Nicole Bader, Clara Echeverria, and Grace Fresoli. Photo by Jayda Rodriguez

Sophia Tenjo, 9th Grade (Freshman)

How did you join SGA? How much work do you put in a week?

I was invited into the organization by a friend. I put in a lot of work a week mainly because of how often we meet

Why did you Join this Club/Organization?

I’m very big on school spirit so any opportunity I get to show it, I’ll take.

What are some pros of being in this club/organization? What are some cons of the club?

I would say some pros are I’m more involved in the community and I feel that I have more of a voice here at school, but one of the major cons is it requires a large amount of participation.

What are some of the things you do after/before school?

I normally don’t do anything in the mornings but, occasionally I have to go to school on the weekends at early times to help decorate or organize an event. And in the afternoons I go to meetings.

Which event that SGA hosts is the most fun in the entire year? Which event involves the most effort in the school year?

I personally really enjoy homecoming just because everyone in the club is involved. I would have to say that homecoming takes the most effort just because it takes all of the members to make the night successful.

Would you recommend the club for a friend? Why or Why not?

I would only recommend it to a friend that I know is a hard worker because, while SGA is a lot of fun and a great place to meet new people,but it takes a lot of work to be in this organization.

Are you in any additional extra curricular activities in school?

Yes, I’m also on the cheerleading squad.

How often do you meet with the club/organization that you are in? Is it too much or too little?

Well since SGA plays such a large role in our school, the organization actually takes up a class period, so we meet everyday during 5 period.

What would you say is the clubs biggest strengths and weaknesses? How would you improve your weaknesses?

I feel that the clubs biggest weakness is getting information out to the students. The biggest strength is that we host a lot of different themed events so that all students can enjoy and participate. I would improve the weakness by spreading the word out more with better advertisement.

What is a different club that you would be interested in joining?

A club that I would be interested in joining is AVID just because it can help me with a lot of different things that can benefit me.

How is your relationship with the other members of the club? Describe it in two words.

I would probably say friendly, and helpful.

After meeting with Sophia I learned that SGA isn’t an organization to join just to hang out with friends or do homework. SGA is an important part of Freedom High School that needs hard working students that are determined to make change.

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