Movie Calendar December Edition

By Meleena Mohammed; edited by Heysha Garcia

Greetings and Salutations! Here are the movie releases for the month of December where we highlight the most anticipated movies, including The Last Jedi, so you know what movie you’re seeing the next time you go to the theatre. Happy Holidays and have A Happy New Year! Now go enjoy some flicks over the break.

The movie posters of each movie discussed below. (made by Meleena Mohammed)

I, Tonya Rated R(December 8th)

I, Tonya is directed by Australian film director, Craig Gillespie, who made Million Dollar Arm and The Finest Hours. It stars Margot Robbie whose big debut was in the The Wolf of Wall Street. She is now the current Harley Quinn for DC Comics, and is to star in a separate spin off. Alongside her is Sebastian Stan, who is most known for playing the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, in numerous Marvel films. He has also starred in The Bronze along with a few other small roles.  

This movie covers the unbelievable, but true events of the life of American Olympic figure skater, Tonya Harding. Although she was the first woman to successfully perform a triple axel in competition, her name became tangled with a spiral of bad events starting with her husband’s involvement in her career. Through it all, the media is after her and America is looking for someone to not only love, but hate.   


The Shape of Water Rated R(December 8th)

The director of this is by the one and only Guillermo del Toro, who is known for his psychedelic thriller and horror movies. From the most recent–Crimson Peak, to the amazing films that are Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy. This Mexican director is well known for good reason and has now made a fantastic film. Starring Sally Hawkins(Paddington, Blue Jasmine) as the main character–Eliza, Michael Shannon(Man of Steel, Take Shelter) as the antagonist–Strickland, Doug Jones as the Amphibian Man(famously worked with del Toro in Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth), Michael Stuhlbarg(Arrival, Steve Jobs) as Mr. Robert Hostetler and Octavia Spencer(The Help, Hidden Figures) as Zelda, Eliza’s caretaker.

This movie is done so beautifully and is very artistic on del Toro’s part; the poster alone says so much. This makes the film even more spectacular when it takes a dark turn. Eliza is a mute woman, who has never quite fit in with the world. She works at a top secret laboratory as a cleaning lady. One day, she discovers one of their classified secrets–a sort of amphibian man who once lived in the waters of South America, now living in a water tank. He is intelligent, and can understand a lot, creating a unique bond with Eliza as she teaches him how to communicate. But then, the survival of her new friend is threatened by a harsh government agent and an intrusive marine biologist. This is an all fresh and wonderfully creative love story.


Ferdinand Rated PG(December 15th)

This is Blue Sky’s latest film starring a big, loveable bull voiced by the… John Cena. The company is known for making Rio and Ice Age. Also voicing in the movie is Kate McKinnon as Lupe; she came from SNL but has appeared in many comedic films like Ghostbusters and Rough Night. Then there’s David Tennant, famously known for playing one of the doctors from Doctor Who and appearing in multiple shows and movies, like Jessica Jones and Harry Potter.

This is a sweet tale about a bull, Ferdinand, who is seen as only one thing by the world–a fighter. But he wants to prove he is so much more, and most importantly, to not judge a bull by its cover. He is taken away from his family to fight and has to escape, luckily he has a little band of misfits helping along the way… proving everyone wrong in the process.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rated PG-13(December 15th)

*Star Wars intro plays* In a galaxy far, far, away, episode IX(9) approaches… The Last Jedi is the next installment in one of the most famous franchises in the world. This is one of the year’s most anticipated movies, taking fans and even mortal beings by storm. The film is going to be directed by Rian Johnson, who isn’t as well known as we’d like, which is a bit worrying… but we must have faith, this could be a good thing! Especially since Johnson has previously made Sundance award winning Brick and also Looper.

The Last Jedi is about Rey, played by Daisy Ridley (The Force Awakens), who under the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is played by the one and only Mark Hamill, is becoming stronger and discovering just how powerful she is. Meanwhile the First Order led by Kylo Ren (Adam Driver:Tracks, Logan Lucky), is preparing to battle The Resistance, and conflict ensues with Rey facing an important choice. It also catches us up on what’s happening with Poe(Oscar Isaac:Ex Machina, Inside Llewyn Davis) and Finn(John Boyega:Detroit, Imperial Dreams).

Unfortunately Carrie Fisher passed away last year and will no longer be in the films, although she will still be seen in The Last Jedi. We lost our princess, but we’ll never forget her.  


The Greatest Showman Rated PG(December 20th)

Starring Hugh Jackman, who will forever be Wolverine in my eyes, is an amazing actor and has starred in so many movies: Eddie the Eagle, Prisoners, Les Miserables and of course the X-Men franchise. Along with Zendaya(Spiderman: Homecoming) and Zac Efron(Neighbors, Hairspray, High School Musical), making the movie an original musical. It is directed by Australian–Michael Gracey; his career consists of visual effects and will be the first film he directs, with a Naruto adaptation in pre-production.

The film is inspired by the wonders and imagination of P.T. Barnum who was a business and showman, famous for his founding the Barnum & Bailey Circus. It tells the tale of a visionary who becomes famous by creating a phenomenal and innovative spectacle full of wonder and excitement, amazes the world. All the while celebrating the rise of show business and the life of circus performers, capturing two special ones in particular.   


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Rated PG-13(December 20th)

The sequel many are afraid to watch is finally here, hoping not to disappoint fans is director–Jake Kasdan. Kasdan has made many other comedies like Bad Teacher and played some role in the hit show New Girl. He brings a new take to the tale. It’s star-studded with incredibly funny actors of diverse work backgrounds. The list includes Dwayne Johnson(Moana, Central Intelligence), Karen Gillan(Dr. Who, Guardians of the Galaxy), Kevin Hart(Ride Along, The Secret Life of Pets) and Jack Black. Black, who has been in so many comedies that I don’t even know where to start, but some are School of Rock, Bernie, Goosebumps and Kung Fu Panda.

It takes place in modern day, 4 high schoolers wander upon an old arcade video game… where they are sucked in and forced to beat the game. Brandishing their new personas in the bodies of their chosen avatars– Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Moose Finbar and Professor Shelly Oberon. They have to make it out of the dangerous jungle Alan Parish left behind 20 years ago.

If you love the original film, proceed with caution! But give it a chance, it might be amazingly hilarious.


All the Money in the World Rated R(December 22nd)

Directed by one of the best directors of our time… is Ridley Scott’s new film. Scott is most known for making some of the best movies ever, that includes: Alien, Gladiator, The Martian, and Blade Runner.

His newest work is a thriller about a mother who must figure out a way to retrieve her 16-year-old son back from a kidnapper who is demanding a ransom of 17 million dollars. Without the help of the boy’s grandfather, who happens to be the richest man in the world– John Paul Getty, Gail is left in a panic, in a very desperate situation. She forms an unlikely alliance with Getty’s advisor, who, together, must race against the captors who hold her son’s life in their hands.  

This is one of the movies Kevin Spacey was removed from; he was replaced by Christopher Plummer, meaning they have to reshoot many scenes because as Plummer said in an interview for The Man Who Invented Christmas, “In a funny way it’s starting all over again because it’s going to be different, naturally.” He plays John Paul Getty Sr. here, but Plummer is known for acting in Up, A Beautiful Mind, Beginners and many more, including the timeless classic–The Sound of Music(as Baron von Trapp). Playing the mother, Gail, is Michelle Williams, who recently starred in the oscar-winning Manchester by the Sea, as well as Brokeback Mountain and Blue Valentine, all very good movies. Alongside her is Mark Wahlberg who is known for his comedies and even better performances in serious films, from Ted to movies like The Fighter and Deepwater Horizon.

This movie has the potential to be a stunning thriller full of suspense and drama. I suggest watching it… it’s Ridley Scott… paired with some great actors.