Trip Around the World ~ Peru

by Alexandra Noblecilla

Our school is full of students from different parts of the world. This feature will allow you to learn about their cultural background.

        This trip will take place in the amazing country of Peru. I was able to find a student at our school who comes from this country and she was kind enough to tell us a little about her country…

      Peru is located in South America surrounded by the countries Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Bolivia, all by the Pacific ocean. Their official language is Spanish, but just like most countries, it includes a special and unique accent. Their cuisine has a huge variety of ingredients and flavors. One of their best dishes is Lomo Saltado, that consists of beef, onions, tomatoes and french fries, all mixed in a frying pan making its own type of dressing. They also have a delicious dessert called Alfajores, this is a very common sweet in South America, but each country has its own unique way of preparing it. However, in Peru, alfajores are cornstarch based cookies that contains a creamy filling of dulce de leche.

One of the traditions this country shares every February, during summer, are the carnivals that take place in several towns. This carnival includes throwing water balloons, paint or powder to anyone. So walking around the streets in a sunny day is at your own risk. However, there is different ways to still have fun on hot days. You could go the nearest beach because most of them could be at least five minutes away, which is a good advantage. You can also walk to the nearest park and have a great time.

An amazing thing about Peru is the culture, and how the people share their Peruvian pride. This is something that forms a union that makes them family. Like most South American countries, the people you meet are most likely to become close /continue later…

Also, one of the 7 wonders of the world is found in this country, this would be Machu Picchu, which  is an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains, above the Urubamba River valley. This majestic place was built in the 15th century and later abandoned. It is mostly known for its archaeological site on the continent. This encourages many tourists from around the world to visit this spectacular location.

In conclusion this country has a lot share with all the culture and beauty in it. As our trip comes to a closure we have explored the wonderful country of Peru. We learned about its culture, its tradition, its food, and beautiful locations. We hope you enjoyed this trip and look out for our next trips here in the FHS newspaper.

Some photos taken by Noblecilla of her visit to Peru and the sights she saw.

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