China Develops New Shipping Route

by Jose Roca

Beijing has said that Global warmth meant the opening of some viable shipping routes through the Arctic that will become increasingly important for international trade.

China would work with Russia and other Arctic countries in order to develop the polar route.

This route is part of a really ambitious project so that China will be able to increase its connections with Europe and other continents.

Global Warming is ironically opening the world up for some potential business opportunities according to

China is hoping for other countries to join their project of a new international silk road by developing the arctic trade routes. China also said every country’s rights would be secure in the making of the new route.

The North passage offers China a faster sea route to many ports than the current routes that are being used, such as: The Suez or Panama canal.

Estimates suggest that the new route will take 20 less days from the 48 days it takes to go from China to Rotterdam by going through the Suez canal.

Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou said that the fears of China plundering the arctic resources are “absolutely unnecessary,” according to Reuters news agency.

The paper acknowledges China’s interests in oil, gas, minerals, fishing and other resources in the arctic region, but it also shows an interest in developing them cooperatively with other nations and Arctic states. The paper also encouraged businesses to build good infrastructure and conduct commercial trial voyages in the Arctic.

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