PTV Behind the Scenes

by Sashaly Bernard

We students watch PTV (mostly) every morning, but have you ever wondered what really happens before they film? I am going to be showing you exactly what happens and what PTV is all about. In case you didn’t know, PTV stands for Patriot Television and is taught and directed by Mr. Jackson. PTV informs students about upcoming events, fundraisers and other forms of school news or events happening in your local neighborhood . To get more insight I have interviewed both Mr. Jackson and the students participating in PTV., Here’s what they have to say:


Interview with Mr Jackson:

How much time does it take to make one episode of PTV?

It can take anywhere from one class period to four hours because we used to do  it a different way, it was like recording the show and prepare all the stuff for the show (pre-editing) and then  production which is making the show then, post production which is adding special  effects, images and sound effects (Can last 5 hours) in years past they would only record PTV. Since we changed how things get done the show takes about 22 hours because while one person sets up the other period records.

How do you choose who speaks?

In the past everyone had a rotation between advanced digital video production (dvp. Class  2, and 3 weren’t obligated to speak on the announcements, but this year we have a more selective process because now I’ve got dvp one class I have 150 students in one class, in dvp 1 and 2 we have 30 each so we select from those students.

Is there any special forms or qualifications one has to do to get into ptv?

Everyone can get into PTV one  but two, three and four are more competitive to get into  because one hundred and fifty students are trying to get into the small openings in the class.

How does every student contribute to PTV?

Everybody in PTV learns the basics of video production. The students in advanced dvp 2,3, and 4 use whatever talents they have to produce something for the show. For example,  one student can get all of the news organized while the other student gets all the character generation ready and the others then will  work on getting stories we publish on the announcements.

Who writes the scripts?

It comes in from a google form and students who are sponsors from clubs write the script and we don’t change it in order to keep its meaning, but the format for the news is changed occasionally. Students that do their own reporting write their own scripts.

How long does it take to edit an episode?

Now it takes 30 minutes or less but before January it took about 3-22 hours.

What makes a good anchorman?

Someone who uses facial expressions people enjoy watching, can read and can also focus on the topic they are reading about.

How/who picks the intro video/music choices?

Starting in January we selected  the music but before throughout the school students did music requests.


PTV Video


Interview with student: Arianna

Does PTV ever get stressful or is it more fun?

Its half and half because you have people interested and others who are in the class just for the grade. I personally enjoy it , it’s mainly fun because you get to see more outlooks about the school and meet a lot of  faculty and students.

What kinds of things do you guys do in PTV?

We learn how to edit using Adobe Premier we learn how to write scripts, read off of the teleprompter,and my speech has improved because of PTV as well.

What advice might you give someone thinking about joining?

Don’t be afraid to stand out, be willing to work as  much as you can it doesn’t matter if anybody says something do it for you.

When you’re not editing what are you doing in the class?

Either recording or making a commercial for the school.

What made you choose PTV as an elective.

It was my sophomore year and we would make fun of the anchors because they looked miserable and I said I would bring it to life and here I am.

What is the best thing about being a part of PTV?

The relationships that you build and obtaining so much information about computer, cameras, editing, and helps with public speaking.

What things do you learn about?

Wiring for cameras, different kinds off microphone and wiring, audio chexsystems, how to write a script, green screen effects, and editing.


In conclusion, PTV is a fun and educational class that teaches students how to properly edit and produce videos. If you are thinking about joining PTV be sure that you’re ready to work hard no matter what your position is.

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