Second Annual National Day of Racial Healing

by Zarai Travis


           The conversation needs to happen. The open conversation of the evocative racial divide in America that still exists today. The W.K Kellogg Foundation has paved a way to make that happen in hopes of healing wounds of conscious and unconscious bias towards race, ethnicity, and religion with the National Day of Racial Healing.

            The W.K Kellogg Foundation founded in 1930. This foundation is an independent foundation by breakfast cereal owner Will Keith Kellogg.  The WKKF created the National Day of Racial Healing, grants support programs that help the thriving of children, working families, and equitable communities.

         The National Day of Racial Healing is celebrated this year on January 16th, and the day is a “response to the broad call to the racial healing following the conscious rhetoric, hate crimes and vivid expressions of racism” according to the founders, the W.K Kellogg Foundation. The purpose of the  National Day of Racial Healing in America is in hopes for a transformation in the community and a prosperous future for generations to follow. In provoking the conversation surrounding race and eventually changing national discussion.There are many ways to participate in this national holiday. Many libraries and universities across the country are hosting events to start the conversation. In Miami, FL close to home, a podcast series of Designing the We by Tameka Bradley Hobbs, Ph.D. on the day of.

        As an individual, you can get involved as well with hosting the conversation of racial healing with family members, friends, neighbors, and people from different racial backgrounds. Our very own diverse campus here at Freedom High consists of 54.2% Hispanic, 24% white, and 12.1% African American and 9.7% other.  You can also promote #NDORH on social media to join the conversation with other Americans nationwide.


Given by the W.K Kellogg Foundation the guide for the conversation:


NDORH is an opportunity for initiating collective action that builds upon Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation-”  W.K Kellogg Foundation