HOW TO: Avoid Netflix For 10 Days Straight

by: Dianna Esguerra

Spring break is upon us and even though most of you are going to be binge-watching Netflix all day and night (and I don’t blame you) I have some suggestions to give you if your body physically feels ill from the pizza you’ve scarfed down and you slowly feel your buttocks merging with your bed. I will be breaking down my suggestions into two categories: Things to do that involve money and things to do that don’t involve money, for my empty-pocketed friends.

Things to do that don’t involve money:

Go on a hike, there is bound to be a hill somewhere.

Go to the park, which is basically an acceptable place where you can creepily watch dogs from afar.

Go to the public pool, if you’re brave enough and have the ability to swim.

Have a movie night with friends, if you have any.

Ride a bike or a unicycle whatever floats your boat.

Read a book, if you are literate.

Learn a sport, if you can withstand the hot sun and sweating.

Volunteer, if you are generally a good person.

Listen to new songs, if silence scares you.

Camp outside, if bears aren’t your neighbors.

Make a fort, if you own blankets and pillows.

Exercise, if you feel productive enough.


Things to do that involve money:

Bake, just make sure not to burn your house down.

Go to amusement parks, except if you are scared of people being disguised as giant creepy characters.

Go to the beach, just don’t drown and remember slow motion running is only acceptable in movies.

Go to the movies, and completely forget that the real world exists.

Go to the mall, just make sure that when you go a famous Youtube star isn’t going because you will be stuck in traffic for 4 hours.

Thrift shop, then leave when you feel your skin getting oddly itchy.

Make your own pizza, and do Italian hand gestures.

Go bowling, just make sure not to step over the foul line.