Why is Freedom’s Internet So Bad?

by Jayda Rodriguez

Ever since Freedom High School went digital, we have been facing technological issues. Freedom High School is one of many high schools in Orange County Public Schools. OCPS is known for changing up the traditional education system by introducing technology into its curriculum. Many students who don’t attend technology-based schools may think that it’s a perfect system, but technology in general has its flaws. A lot of times our school faces issues with internet connection which can cause the students to be behind in work in their classes. It’s never convenient and tends to frustrate students and staff.

Here at freedom we have staff members that specialize in technology. I interviewed Mr. Estevan Torres, one of the tech specialists here at Freedom, to see if I could shine a light on our issue and find a solution.


Q: Why do we experience internet issues so often?

A: Right now we are having problems from the vendor. That’s the most I can share. The vendor is the provider of the internet service.


Q: Do other schools experience this?

A: Yes other schools in our county are having similar problems.


Q: Do you think it is because our school is over crowded?

A: I think that’s part of the problem but not necessarily the cause of the issue.


Q: What are the students supposed to do when they run into internet issues?

A: Be patient.


Q: Is there anything that the school can do to help improve internet for the students?

A: If students were to restart their machines on a regular basis that would help with the performance of the network. Also If students would do less youtube streaming during school hours, that would also help.


Q: Do you normally alert teachers when you are aware of internet issues? If so how?

A: Yes we do we do an email broadcast to the staff.


Q: What are some quick fixes that students can try, to help improve their internet connection?

A: Honestly it goes back to my last statement, if they do less streaming it would improve the internet performance overall.


After speaking to Mr. Torres, I learned that the overall issue can’t be resolved by our school or really any member of FHS staff. The issue comes from our vendor and from our district. All we can do is be patient and learn simple tips and tricks to help better the performance of our laptops.