Immigration and Emigration

by Adriana Nouel

Most people are not aware of the difference between emigrating and being an immigrant; when you go to take a job you take a job as a migrant worker or temporarily as a foreign worker. Regarding all economic effects, the research system suggests that migration benefits both receiving countries and those who send them. Today, development economists say that reducing barriers to labor mobility between developing countries and developed countries, is one of the most efficient tools for poverty reduction. Shortly before, there was technology and a global economy to support global communication, shipping, and fast travel; the United States was always the venue for the global meeting. The United States does not bring together the rich and the elite of the world; It attracted the oppressed, enslaved and even imprisoned. But those who have the problem of coming freely or the strength to survive the harsh treatment of slavery are the people who built this nation. The people who try to close the door behind them are almost all descendants.

Every time the world shrinks and economic competition is increasingly concerned with creativity and technological innovation, the place that attracts the best minds in the world will have a clear advantage. The United States may not be a melting pot of cultures, as each group of immigrants tries to preserve an element of their identity, but in their often imperfect form. A place with roots everywhere has a great advantage in a global economy. They can do business anywhere and receive workers from anywhere.

The emigration is the fact of leaving the country to live in another place, either by crime, economic position, sports or any other way, if it is not in a violent way you are emigrating from the country through your work since many open doors in other parts of the world. The act of moving from one country to another with the intention of not returning. What distinguishes immigration from emigration, is that immigration is normally the abandonment of their own country and the renunciation of one of the citizenships in it; while emigration is simply the removal of the person and property to another country.