An Overall Look at the iPhone 8

by Thiago Rego

The iPhone 8 was released on September 22, 2017. With millions of buyers throughout the entire  world. The iPhone 8 has been surprising a lot of people with its functions and overall  design. After using this phone for almost two and a half months, I have noticed a lot of improvements that were made.

iPhone 8 reviewed. Photo by Thiago Rego

Starting with the outer appearance of the phone, the iPhone 8 has a totally new glass design. Not only is the entire front screen glass, but the backside of the phone is as well. Apple claims it to be the most durable glass out of all smartphones.  The colors that are available for the iPhone 8 are, silver, grey, and gold. This phone has better camera quality than the previous models do.  It now has the option of using a wireless charger and it is engineered to resist water. It also includes a new Retina HD display that’s more beautiful than ever. This display includes  True Tone, a wide Color Gamut, and 3D touch.

  • True Tone: Technology that  adjusts to balance and  match the light around you.
  • Color Gamut: This makes  everything on the screen look brilliant and vibrant.


The iPhone is incredible with a lot of new features and functions that I have never seen before. Something that I personally liked is that you have a great view of the screen from almost any angle. You can also see a clear and crisp difference in the iPhone 8 camera, with more color filters and deeper pixels that completely changed my experience with the new phone.

In the Portrait Mode there’s a whole new dramatic studio lighting effects that changed the way I edit and take photos.There is also a more efficient zoom, up to 10x in photos and 6x in the videos. The iPhone 8, in my opinion, is the greatest phone made by Apple compared to their earlier models. The phone is very efficient and includes whole new features. The technology is much faster, it has a whole new screen, and many more features that will make your experience even better!