AP Exam Dates

by Alejandra Colon

Exam dates:

May 7- AP Chemistry exam

May 7- AP Spanish Literature exam

May 7-AP Psychology exam

May 8- AP Seminar exam

May 8- AP Spanish language exam

May 8- AP Art History exam

May 8- AP Physics 1 exam

May 9-AP English literature exam

May 9-AP Japanese exam

May 9-AP Physics 2 exam

May 10- AP US Government exam

May 10- AP Chinese exam

May 10- AP Environmental Science exam

May 11- AP German exam

May 11- AP US History exam

May 11- AP Computer Science Principles exam

May 14- AP Biology exam

May 14- AP Music Theory exam

May 14- AP Physics C:Mechanics  exam

May 15- AP Calculus AB exam

May 15- AP Calculus BC exam

May 15- AP French language exam

May 16- AP English exam

May 16-AP Macroeconomics exam

May 17-AP World History exam

May 17-AP Statistics exam

May 18-AP Human Geography exam

May 18- Macroeconomics exam

May 18-European exam


How to prepare for your exams:

There’s things you can do to prepare for your exams that will help you on your exam day. The day before the exam just have a relaxing night and just go over things that you struggle. Do not stay up the whole night even if you are studying. In the morning wake up on time so you won’t be rushing eat a good breakfast because it will help your brain to think. Remember that AP courses are good for college but it’s very important you try your best.