Keeping a Tab on Trump

by Heysha Garcia Melendez


Donald Trump, also known as the President of the United States of America, has been in office for a year. He has made some interesting decisions and has had some concerning moments so far. Throughout the entire year of 2017, he put in a traveling ban, typed up some questionable tweets, and made some strange accusations. He also repealed the Affordable Care Act that Obama put into place and completely getting rid of TTP(Trans-Pacific Partnership) within his first week. Now, after an entire year of his presidency, he has had the opportunity to do even more.

With all of the contradicting news floating around, it’s hard to keep track of what he has actually done and not what are just rumours. So let me help out by talking about specifically talking about April through May.

               April, 2018

April 1st: Trump made an announcement stating that the military troops will be “coming out of Syria like very soon”.

April 5th: Trump was supposed to discuss tax reform but instead ditched it and threw his script . This resulted in Trump having a very lengthy tangent on immigration and even going as far as accusing Democrats of allowing dangerous policies just to get the immigration vote.

April 9th: Trump declares April 9th as the day of National Former Prisoner of War

April 11th: Trump goes on twitter and gives a “warning” to Russia about the U.S. sending missiles to Syria because Russia vowed to shoot down any of the missiles that were headed towards Syria.

April 13th: Trump addresses the reason why he ordered the attack on Syria.  


                May, 2018

May 8th: Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

May 10th: Trump held a large rally in Indiana. In this rally he stated that the Democratic party will try to disrupt his economic progress.