Neophyte Week

by Isabella Fishbough


Neophyte week is the one time of the year where all the new members of Freedom’s Drama Club are chosen by existing members, also known as masters, and have to dress up as a character every day of the week. Neophytes have to do this in order to induct to become a thespian. Each neophyte’s master chooses what they wear for the day according to the theme. Every thespian at Freedom has gone through this process and get rewarded at the Theatre Banquet at the end of the year.


This year’s neophyte week was taking place on April 23 through April 27, nearly two weeks after the Spring Musical. For Monday, it was Broadway Day and neophytes dressed up to be Heather McNamara, from Heathers; Red Riding Hood, from Into the Woods; Mrs. Bumbrake, from Peter and the Starcatcher; JD, also from Heathers, and so much more. On Tuesday, it was Superhero day and we dressed up as characters such as Elastigirl, Frozone, Batman, Captain Marvel, but those are only a few. When Wednesday came, all neophytes came dressed up as Disney characters like Baby Dory from Finding Dory, Lewis from Meet the Robinsons, Darla from Finding Nemo, Disgust from Inside Out, Kim Possible from Kim Possible, and others. On Thursday, you could see neophytes as foods and drinks running around dressed up as sushi, spaghetti, black licorice, macaroni and cheese, boba tea, taco, takis, fries, and a ton of other delicious foods. On Friday, the neophytes dressed up as older drama department members and teachers such as Rebecca Sardina as Sofia Delgado, myself as Mr. Nash-Brown, Kaitlin Roach as Alex Roach, and so many other impersonations.


After school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, all of the neophytes and masters reported to one of the theatre teacher’s classrooms to play improv games. This week was filled with a whole lot of laughs many jokes, and plenty of questioning looks from our fellow classmates. Congratulations to all of the new thespians,


Alicia Agosto

Anna Anillo

Delena Assefa

Zach Assid

Andrew Barnes

Sydney Brown

Zach Chair

Ashley Deonarine

Luis Figueroa

Isabella Fishbough

Marcela Griebler

Stephen Gonzalez

Annalisa Hutchinson

Shayna Martin

Kaitlin Roach

Estella Rodriguez

Nicolle Salas

Rebecca Sardina

Abby Tichenor

Nell Warman