HOW TO: Be Confident

by Dianna Esguerra

Confidence is something we all struggle within our lives, it doesn’t matter how old we are or what gender we are. Over time we are expected to know our self-worth and be happy with who we are. This is easier said than done, so in this article, I’ll be showing you some quick tips and tricks on how to be comfortable with the way you look.

Step one: Get comfortable with the way you look. To do this just analyze every detail of your face. When there is a mirror look at your reflection. Even if you think you look unattractive the best thing to do is just know how you look. Don’t become obsessive, when I say look at yourself I don’t mean every waking moment wonder how you look to other people. Confidence isn’t being considered attractive to other people, being confident means being comfortable looking the way you do and not caring what others have to say about your physical appearance.

Step two: Try improving the way you look. Every time someone complains about their physical appearance they never do anything to fix it. I don’t mean get plastic surgery and change your whole face structure, I mean try a little bit of makeup. If you aren’t happy with your weight, work out, don’t just sit there being unhealthy and wonder why you don’t like your body. The best time to do things is now, not in 5 years. Don’t push yourself to unhealthy habits either; don’t starve yourself because that will only damage your body, eat healthy and workout. If you don’t like the way your face or hair looks, try doing something different, like using face masks/hair masks, makeup, eat healthier, drink more water, etc. Do things that your body will thank you for, not things that will jeopardize your health.

Step three: Learn not to care about other people’s opinion. The faster you learn to not care about what others think of you, the faster you will achieve confidence. People are naturally going to judge you no matter what you do. The people you surround yourself in school may not be the people you talk to when you are an adult. Do things that make you happy, if others don’t feel the same way they can leave. Always remember that people are just passengers in your life.

Step four: The fourth step to achieve confidence is: understanding. Understand that you’re not going to be the prettiest or the smartest. By doing this you learn to love yourself for who you are. Not everything in life is a competition. People have different tastes when it comes to beauty. One person might think you’re beautiful while another one will not, you just have to know that it doesn’t make you ugly. Always strive to improve yourself whether it’s having a better fashion sense or a better personality.

Gaining confidence can be hard, especially when we are surrounded by people wanting to be “perfect”. You don’t need to be considered “pretty” to be confident, you just need to love yourself for who you are.