Top Summer Movies

by Meleena Mohammed

Greetings and Salutations! Here are the movie releases for the month of June, July, and August, where we highlight the most anticipated movies coming out, like: The Incredibles 2, Antman and the Wasp and Crazy Rich Asians,  so you know what movie you’re seeing the next time you go to the theatre.

Tag Rated R (June 15th)

An all new comedy with a unique and brilliant plot, this movie is about 5 friends–all adults–who for one month every year begin a high-stakes game of tag. It is a tradition they’ve had since they were in the first grade, this being the 23rd anniversary. So it may be hard to believe that it’s all based on a true story…but it is. In this game, they still go on with their regular lives, but these guys are more than willing to go to extreme lengths to tag each other. This year, it aligns with the wedding of the only undefeated player, and they will stop at nothing to defeat him, even if that means losing their jobs or relationships.

Playing the five players and best friends include Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye in the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) and William in the Mission Impossible movies; his newest movie is actually quite good–Wind River. The other players are Jon Hamm(Mad Men, Million Dollar Arm), Ed Helms(The Office, The Hangover), Jake Johnson (New Girl, Let’s Be Cops) and Hannibal Buress the famous stand-up comedian. Also in the movie playing some of the guys’ wives is Isla Fisher(Now You See Me, Wedding Crashers) and Annabelle Wallis who starred in the newest Mummy movie with Tom Cruise. So, as you can see by this star-studded cast that this will be a whirlwind of laughs and crazy high-tailing as the players will stop at nothing.   


The Incredibles 2 Rated PG (June 15th)

It’s what everyone has waited for, as awestruck children who first saw the movie are now adults, they will finally be able to see an all time childhood favorite. Newer generations shall be blessed and their children will continue the legacy. Yes, it’s the sequel to the amazing Incredibles, after 14 agonizing years Disney will finally deliver. It’s with the same beloved cast where Elastigirl is voiced by Holly Hunter(Manglehorn, Batman v Superman), Mr.Incredible by Craig T. Nelson(Poltergeist, Coach), and of course everyone’s favorite is returning–Frozone played by the Samuel L. Jackson (yes his wife is in it too).

The movie picks up not long after the first movie ended. Jack Jack is still a toddler discovering his powers and Violet and Dash are still growing teenagers experiencing the powers in increasing force. Mr. Incredible though, seems to have a lot on his plate, as Elastigirl has been recruited to back to work as a superhero. The goal of these public figures is to get the superhero career back on the good side of the world’s citizens, which is still a topic of controversy that the movie addresses. Now, Mr. Incredible faces his most challenging mission yet: taking care of his three children; but he’s not alone! Edna Mode is there to laugh when he fails.


Ocean’s 8 Rated PG-13 (June 8th)

A spin-off of the iconic series me up of Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13 sporting an all female cast, which is incredible by the way. It is being directed by Gary Ross who is known for making the first Hunger Games and Seabiscuit, which makes this a promising movie. Playing Debbie Ocean is Sandra Bullock who has starred in many movies like The Proposal, The Blind Side and The Heat. There are long time and amazing actresses who have gathered on one blessed set: Cate Blanchett(Blue Jasmine,Lord of the Rings) playing Lou, Anne Hathaway(Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada) playing Daphne and Helena Bonham Carter(Sweeney Todd, Fight Club) playing Rose. Also part of the 8 is Mindy Kaling(The Office, Mindy Project), Sara Paulson(American Horror Story), Awkwafina(Crazy Rich Asians) and Rihanna.  

The movie is about Debbie Ocean, who has been working for the past 5 and a half years to pull off her biggest heist yet. Where is it? New York’s very own Met Gala, which in reality will have just happened a month before its release. Debbie is assembling a team, which she know can pull off the heist of the century, this involves her right-hand woman Lou and 6 other highly capable women, all with different skills. These ladies are working together to steal one very expensive necklace, worth more than 150 million dollars, for the ultimate payout. Expect this movie to not only be action packed, but filled with skilled performances from some of the best actresses in Hollywood packed with hilarious lines and even better chemistry.


Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Rated PG-13 (June 22nd)

Continuing the reboot of the famous Jurassic Park movies is the sequel to Jurassic World–Fallen Kingdom. Returning is the lovely Chris Pratt also known as Andy from Parks and Recreation and more recently as Starlord from the MCU, as well as Bryce Dallas Howard(Pete’s Dragon) and everyone’s favorite, appearing from the original movies: Jeff Goldblum, the iconic actor everyone loves, has also played in Thor: Ragnarok and Independence Day. The director is J.A. Bayona who has made the amazing film A Monster Calls along with 4 others, the best being The Impossible and The Orphanage. This movie does show promise with the director and leading actors; hopefully it delivers the fans what they want…although nothing can compare to Spielberg’s work and we all know that.  

The  movie takes place 4 years after the collapse of Jurassic World, the theme park, and Owen and Claire return to the abandoned island. They’re back for one reason which is to save the remaining dinosaurs, however this plan is thrown to the side when they discover a dormant volcano has yet to erupt. They stumble upon terrifying new breeds and hybrids that threaten to take over. Owen of course, has set out to find his raptor: Blue; but along the way, he discovers an underlying conspiracy that is even more off-putting.


Under the Silver Lake Rated R (June 22nd)

Another beautiful indie film! Starring Andrew Garfield, his best known for playing Spider-Man momentarily, and also for his amazing performance in Hacksaw Ridge. He plays Sam and alongside him is Riley Keough(Logan Lucky, It Comes at Night), playing the mysterious woman with no name. Directing is an FSU alum–David Robert Mitchell, who also directed another great indie film called The Myth of the American Sleepover.

The film is about Sam, a 33-year-old good but aimless young man, who one night discovers a mysterious, beautiful woman swimming in his apartment complex pool. However, the next morning she is nowhere to be found, and he decides to embark on a quest to find this nameless woman. This surreal journey takes him across Los Angeles and leads him into deep waters, becoming tangled in a conspiracy and scandal that he could never imagine himself in. This is an alluring indie film that seems mysterious, quirky and beautiful.


Ant-Man and the Wasp Rated PG-13 (July 6th)

This is the sequel to the hilarious and and well-made Ant-Man movie, made by the same director–Peyton Reed. It picks up after Civil War and before Infinity War. Paul Rudd returns, who is known for acting in many movies from I Love You, Man to The Fundamentals of Caring. Also returning to play their original roles is Evangeline Lilly(Lost, The Hobbit) as Hope Pym–the Wasp, Michael Douglas(Falling Down, The Game) as Hank Pym and Michael Peña(CHiPS, End of Watch) as Scott’s iconic best friend.

It takes place almost immediately after Civil War, which is evident in the quips made and how Scott Lang has to handle the consequences of what he has done as both a father and superhero. It’s not long thought, until he is recruited by Dr.Pym and his daughter Hope to embark on an urgent mission. Fighting alongside the Wasp(who has a cooler suit), they make up a powerful duo, and find themselves fighting an all new enemy… If you liked Ant-Man as much as me with its hilarious lines and authentic acting I highly recommend seeing the sequel! And even if you aren’t Marvel makes amazing movies regardless.


Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Rated PG (July 13th)  

This is the third installment in the Hotel Transylvania series, but this time it’s summer vacation and the whole family is going on a cruise. Mavis surprises her father–Dracula–by taking him on vacation from his job as hotel manager. Accompanying them on this luxurious monster cruise, is Drac’s pack which includes Vlad, Wayne, Frank, and many more all voiced by great, comedic actors. It’s fun for everyone as they play monster volleyball and enjoy exotic excursions to places unknown. However, everything changes when Mavis realizes that Drac is falling for the boat’s mysterious captain: Ericka Van Helsing.

This movie is a continuation of the funny and delightful kids’ movies that even parents enjoy. Fans of the first two movies are sure to love it, since they’re adorable, and the original voices are returning once more: Adam Sandler as Dracula, Selena Gomez as Mavis, and Andy Samberg as Johnny. Johnny and Mavis’ son is also in it, the little ginger he is. Adam Sandler is known for all of his comedic movies and other dabblings–from his start on SNL, he has starred in movies as old as The Waterboy to newer ones like Grown Ups. Selena Gomez is a famous singer but, before was known as Alex from the Wizards of Waverly Place. Andy Samberg is a newer SNL star, known for his ridiculous but hilarious videos apart of Lonely Island and movies like Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping and Storks.


Crazy Rich Asians Rated PG-13 (August 17th)

This is a very prospective movie that has been big on the Hollywood scene! It’s an all new comedy that, like the best ones, hold a deeper underlying meaning about all means of life. It stars Constance Wu who plays Rachel Chu in the movie; she is famous for playing the hilarious mom on the hit tv-show: Fresh Off the Boat. Starring alongside her is Henry Golding playing the “Asian Prince Harry,” which is Nick Young. The cast is exclusively ALL Asian, which makes it even more fantastic and unique. It’s sure to be full of laughs but also make you rethink how you act towards others and what you’re willing to do for love and family. The movie is being directed by Jon M. Chu who also made Now You See Me 2 and Step Up 2: The Streets; it is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Kevin Kwan.

The movie is about Rachel Chu, an American born Chinese economics professor at NYU and her boyfriend Nick Young who also teaches history at NYU. They are a young couple in love and have been dating for a while, so Rachel is more than happy to accompany Nick to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. She’s excited to visit Asia for the first time, but nervous about meeting Nick’s family; which is great, being that he “forgot” to tell her a few key details about his life. On the trip, she learns a lot…because not only is Nick the son of a one of the most wealthy families in Asia, but he is also considered one of Singapore’s most eligible bachelors. This coupled with Nick’s disapproving and stone-faced mother, not to mention all the jealous women, makes Rachel the center of attention. Nick is also put into a difficult spot, where he might have to choose between Rachel and his family.