The First Snow Park In Florida

by Hannah El Halabi
The company Point Summit Inc. has decided that is time to have snow in Florida, to have a snow park in Pasco County, behind Point Summit’s Treehoppers Aerial Adventure Park.

The company proposed the idea to the Pasco’s state however, the officials haven’t responded yet. The plan is build a snow park for the winter, in which the kids will have fun in the snow with their family.

The company is also planning to have scheduled visits, so the park does not overcrowd and people can enjoy all of the attractions. Point Summit Inc. wants to take advantage of the natural and beautiful resources that Pasco County has to give families a place where they can go and enjoy the nature and spend quality time with each other.

According to ABC Action News, the snow will be man-made and it will be perfect to play with. Tourists are very excited for the idea of a snow park; however the company proposed that the number one clients will be residents, even though some don’t like the idea of a snow park.

The company, Point Summit Inc. has experience building Parks. They have an Adventure Park on St. Joe Road. Also, the company built the seasonal Scream-A-Geddon Halloween attraction in the Scream-A-Geddon horror park.

According to Tampa Bay Times, the climate in Florida is not a problem. It can be manageable and the park would only open during cold times, especially in December or January. The tourist director Adam Thomas is excited about the park and he hopes that the states approve the park. He said that the park will differentiate them, and it will attract more tourists.

The company wants to build snow tubing lanes, big hills and many other attractions; they are hoping to open the park in the Fall of 2019.