Family Feud Night or Netflix?

by Selena Ally


Freedom High students are gathering on the night of November 15th, 2018, at the PAC, to hold the annual Family Feud night. An event which is celebrated by all students and their families just to have a little fun and take a break from school. There are also prizes that can be won if you are the winner; here is a chance that to win either a free yearbook, or ticket to Prom. But, is it as exciting as it sounds?

Now, this might not be news of the past, but we should still keep this in mind for future references, for it is the news of the future! Make sure you are prepared to play and win this Thursday night and have a chance at winning one of the two prizes. However, it is not as exciting as it sounds like. High schoolers don’t care about stuff like this. They focus more on their future, schoolwork, family, relationships, etc. They don’t have any interest in school activities after school hours, but instead just want to stay home in bed watching Netflix and eating food. This is coming from a teen herself…ME!

You are not going to have much fun if you are forced to go or don’t like these types of things, but if you do, then this is the event for you. If you are into high stakes competitions, then you’ll be feeling the adrenaline. Not only will you be enjoying this, but it is the perfect time to make better communications with not just your family, but your fellow patriots as well. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to, I mean, you can just stay home and watch Netflix like every other teen, if it’s not really your thing.

When going through teenage stages of your life, your hormones change due to puberty, and everyone responds a certain way to the changes of their body. Say, when you were a child, you used to be very active, but now that you’re a teen, you just feel the need to be lazy. However, in some cases, if you were a bubbly child, you can still grow up to be a bubbly teen, but not want to do as much as you used to, or in some other rare cases, would just stay the same like you were when at your childhood stage.

Family Feud Night is from 6-8:30 pm. The Admission is free, and is located at the High School, at the PAC center. Go and enjoy! May the best family win, but if not, then it is totally okay, because we know and understand that you are a teenager and you feel a certain way about certain things. It is all up to you, and how you feel about it.