Florida Election Ended, Now Time for the Amendments!

by Daniel Oliveira


It is well known that in the state of Florida there is a huge election going down about amendments, senators, sheriffs and mayor. One particular part of the election, however, is over the amendments that control law around where we live.
What people are leaning towards in this huge election can definitely change multiple ways things operate in Florida. Now that the election is over, we can talk about the amendments that were passed and weren’t passed, funny enough all except one amendment was passed, that being amendment one.
As stated from Florida officials, “This amendment raises the homestead property tax exemption by $25,000 for homes worth more than $100,000. That would exempt the value between $100,000 and $125,000 of a home that serves as the owner’s primary residence.” This failed and was not passed due to groups that advocate for local governments such as the Florida Association of Counties, because cities would lose over 700 million dollars from it.
This was the only amendment that failed to be passed which means it’s the odd one out. But the reason it wasn’t passed made complete sense, because the state would lose a boatload of money and it wouldn’t help the counties at all.