Monticello Holds Lip Sync Battle

by Aiden Moriarty


The 4th annual Lip Sync Battle hosted by Monticello Academy is occuring on November 30, at 6:30 PM, at the Freedom High School Performing Arts Center.
The annual Lip Sync Battle is an event hosted by Monticello Academy to help with the enjoyment of the student body. The premise is that teachers and students play a song and attempt to lip sync to said song. Whoever is able to lip sync to the song better wins the battle. Some teachers, such as Mr. Panzano, like to dress up for whatever song they are going to lip sync to.
The student body attended en masse last year, cheering for people at the event. The event has been a major success for 3 years in a row, and this year, it’s shaping up to be another crowd pleaser.
The battles will occur on November 30th at 6:30 PM in the Performing Arts Center.