Orlando Officers Kill Unarmed Man

by Giselle Gutierrez


On October 1st, Brian Baker a mentally ill man at Orlando Regional Medical Center was shot after staff called the police because the man claimed he had a gun and would shoot anyone that came near him.

The mentally ill man (Brian Baker) was shot because he started going towards the cops waistband. Brian Baker was shot by 3 police officers that did not have any working body cameras. One officer did not even have a body camera on. A SWAT team member officer was covering the camera the entire time. The last officer’s body camera battery died. The officers are now on a temporary paid leave.

Brian Baker does not live in Florida he had a bus ticket going from West Palm Beach to Kentucky; he was in Orlando at the time to rest. When Baker told staff he had a gun he also said he was in an ongoing homicide case but police are still looking into that claim.

Darren Baker (his father) said he was in the hospital because he had mental issues and did not get the help he needed. Darren Baker understands that his son could have put others in danger but the agency didn’t even call him to say their condolences.