Orlando Police Solve 2001 Cold Case

by Alejandra Colon


It’s been 15 years since since UCF student Christine Franke was murdered in 2001. She was shot and killed at Audubon Park home when she was 25 years old on October 21.

3 months after the murder the homicide went cold with no leads. DNA was found at the crime scene but there wasn’t enough information to solve the case.

Christine Franke was killed some time between 3:15 AM and 4:30 AM. She was found dead in her apartment by her friends.

15 years later in October 2018 the Orlando Police Department used new forensic DNA technology. The police department said that they worked with Parabon’s Snapshot DNA Phenotyping service.

The snapshot DNA Phenotyping service gave the Orlando Police Department to composite a near exact replica sketch. The sketch was a 25-40 year old african american male.

The sketch could be used to find a suspect in the murder and receive tips that will help solve the case.

“What we’re hoping is that people see this composite and remember something, somebody either they know that person, someone who looks like that person.” Said John Mina who is the chief of the Orlando Police Department.

Franke’s family was hoping and praying that the sketch would help receive tips to get closure for Christine.

Finally their prayers were answered. The sketch helped reveal Christine’s murderer. 38-year-old Benjamin Holmes was arrested for the 2001 murder.

Using his DNA, the police were able to conclude that Holmes was the killer. “I honestly never thought they would find him.” said Franke’s mother Tina.

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