The House with a Clock in its Walls Review

by Carls Roa


The House With A Clock In Its Walls is a mysterious and real-life kind of movie. This movie portrays a lot of events that happen every day to people, even though this movie is based off on fantasy. This movie is very artistic showing all the aspects that are believed to be myths and legends of the unknown to become true and rise with the purpose of magic.


     The plot of the story is about a kid named Lewis who had just experienced a tragedy. After dealing with this tragedy he is called by one of his uncles to live in his house. He later learns his uncle is carefree and doesn’t care about whatever he does unless he breaks a single rule. Later he finds out that his uncle is a warlock trying to find out about a hidden clock that was planted by one of his greatest enemies who practices very evil and forbidden magic. Suddenly it is up to him to save the world and his family. Can he do it and overcomes his greatest fears? Or will he fail and let the world plunge towards doom?


  This movie is very divine and has a really rich plot and theme to it. It also changes the way readers think about people “practicing” magic and who has control over who. This movie also teaches about what new students have to go through to get accepted. New people may sometimes be considered as invaders but here, he is considered a laughing stock for other people because of his unique personality and way of looking at things. As if it isn’t already known that students who aren’t accepted may sometimes be bullied for other people’s entertainment. People should always speak up and tell other people the truth about how you are never alone and you shouldn’t be.