Miller Ale House

by Conner Price

Miller’s Ale House is a chain restaurant with over 88 restaurants in all of Florida. The majority of the restaurants are the current home of the former Logan’s Roadhouse, with a bar-like atmosphere, all while serving up food that is promised to satisfy even the pickiest of pallets.

Upon first glance at the menu I noticed it featured all of the classics that one would normally find at a sports establishment, complete with their “Famous” Zingers and homemade sauce. The word Zinger really intrigued me, as I’d never heard this term before and was anxious to try it. Not only did they have the Zingers, but the menu was also full of comfort foods such as their blooming onion appetizer and hamburgers. Definitely a favorite for the kid in all of us, because who doesn’t like a good hamburger and fries? The entrees are diverse including steaks, ribs, and a surprise item of jambalaya. The vegetarian family member will find comfort in knowing that they will be able to dine as well, on flatbreads and a variety of soups.

The inside of Miller’s is adorned with several large screen TV’s, making it a perfect place to watch the NFL Sunday game or a pay per view wrestling match. The walls are not only covered with TV’s but different sports memorabilia, giving the sports enthusiast a great atmosphere to enjoy while watching their favorite team compete. Miller’s Ale House is quite large, filled with many high top tables and booths, as well as an abundantly large outdoor patio.

As it turned out, the famous Zingers were breaded chicken tenders with your choice of homemade sauce, reminiscent of a buffalo wing minus the bone. I chose the Honey BBQ flavor and not only was it sweet, but it also had a bit of a tang to it as well. The notes in the sauce were of a woodsy essence, but ended with a sweetness that only sauce made from scratch can provide. To the side of a Zingers were your choice of sauces, both a ranch and a blue cheese. Because I am not a fan of older smelling cheese, so I chose to dip my tenders in the ranch. From first bite the ranch beckoned me to try it again. I obliged joyously. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and will definitely be going back.

Picture source Miller’s