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  • A taste to savor

    A taste to savor

    by: Sophie Assefa Need a quick refreshing drink? Or how about some warm toasty coffee? Maybe a tasty cake pop,? Well you’re in luck because Starbucks is the place you want to be at! Starbucks is a cafe filled with a a huge variety of drinks, and treats and sweets. In March 31, 1971, Starbucks was […]

  • Grammy’s 2019 Nominations

    Grammy’s 2019 Nominations

    by Meleena Mohammed   This year’s Grammy nominations have just been released, and they are…quite something. Most people are still dealing with the shock they experienced upon seeing who got snubbed, including Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and not surprisingly, Beyonce. There are a whopping 84 categories, and it seems like they just keep adding more […]

  • Charity, Chorus, and Courage: One Girl’s Performance at Prism

    Charity, Chorus, and Courage: One Girl’s Performance at Prism

    by Laura Chiu   The whispers fall to a hush as the amphitheater darkens. Slowly, the curtains pull apart, revealing about eight hundred audience members sitting below the stage, all of them brought to Freedom High School on a chilly Saturday afternoon for one reason: Prism. The unique, once-a-year show that draws together acts from […]

  • Miller’s Ale House Review

    Miller’s Ale House Review

    By: Casey Midds   Once I walked into the restaurant I could obviously tell that they were going for a family friendly and sports bar vibe. On all of their televisions, they either had a basketball game, baseball game, soccer game, or even a golf game playing. There also was a good number of sports […]

  • Christmas With Firemen

    Christmas With Firemen

    by Bianca Parra On December 11th, I went to Station 58 on Deerfield Boulevard with the National Honor Society. I had the chance to spend time with local firefighters and keep them company during the holidays. It was an incredible experience and I got to learn more about what it is like to be a […]

  • Morimoto Asia Restaurant, a Review

    Morimoto Asia Restaurant, a Review

    by Hannah El Halabi The gorgeous lights, the aesthetically pleasant decor, and the good Asian food, is what describes Morimoto Asia restaurant. Here you will also find awesome service, with cool waiters and waitresses, and fast refills. The theme of the restaurant is dark elegance, centered mostly on glass fixtures. It is quite classy, but you […]

  • Life as a Venezuelan

    by Javier Pacheco   My home country Venezuela has been in a bad situation. Especially the economy, which started a few years ago in president election of 1999. Venezuela was very rich country because the amount of petroleum, however, citizens were not happy with everything that was happening during that time; but we were really […]

  • Ocoee Founders Day Festival Frenzy Review

    by Madison Dyal   Do you like going out, listening to music, and having a good time with friends and family? Going to a concert sounds like something you would enjoy but going out also comes with a lot of responsibility. If you enjoy country music, or riding rides, Ocoees Founders Day sounds like just […]

  • The Extremely Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    The Extremely Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    by Meleena Mohammed   Netflix reboots a beloved 90s TV Show–Sabrina the Teenage Witch– coming out just in time for Halloween this year. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a Netflix Original, and many are still hesitant to take a crack at it, lest they inadvertently ruin their childhood. But fear not, I am here […]

  • Keep On Diving: One Girl’s Journey to Regionals

    by Laura Chiu   For four years, fourteen-year-old Rachel Ferreter has been doing competitive diving. It’s a grueling schedule: four days a week for about two hours, each training session. But the hard work has paid off, and now she’s at the 2018 Diving Regionals, representing Freedom High School. However, for Rachel, diving is more […]