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  • What Just Happened in Venezuela?

    by Oriana Acosta Oil, diamonds, and mercury. Venezuela is the country sitting on one of the worlds’ biggest oil supplies–so much wealth–that every single house would come with a room and bathroom made especially for the housekeeper. The average citizen would spend the summer in their beach house, and then go back to their regular […]

  • J-Petal and Poke: Curious Cuisine

    J-Petal and Poke: Curious Cuisine

    by: Aine Moriarity We’ve all come across weird attractions every now and again. Maybe that booth at the fair had really creepy-looking prizes. Maybe that store only sold clothes appealing to a really small niche. And this restaurant definitely combines two cultures almost no one would pair together. J-Petal & Poke can be found in multiple […]

  • Charity, Chorus, and Courage: One Girl’s Performance at Prism

    Charity, Chorus, and Courage: One Girl’s Performance at Prism

    by Laura Chiu   The whispers fall to a hush as the amphitheater darkens. Slowly, the curtains pull apart, revealing about eight hundred audience members sitting below the stage, all of them brought to Freedom High School on a chilly Saturday afternoon for one reason: Prism. The unique, once-a-year show that draws together acts from […]

  • Christmas With Firemen

    Christmas With Firemen

    by Bianca Parra On December 11th, I went to Station 58 on Deerfield Boulevard with the National Honor Society. I had the chance to spend time with local firefighters and keep them company during the holidays. It was an incredible experience and I got to learn more about what it is like to be a […]

  • Florida Election Ended, Now Time for the Amendments!

    by Daniel Oliveira   It is well known that in the state of Florida there is a huge election going down about amendments, senators, sheriffs and mayor. One particular part of the election, however, is over the amendments that control law around where we live. What people are leaning towards in this huge election can […]

  • Orlando Police Solve 2001 Cold Case

    by Alejandra Colon   It’s been 15 years since since UCF student Christine Franke was murdered in 2001. She was shot and killed at Audubon Park home when she was 25 years old on October 21. 3 months after the murder the homicide went cold with no leads. DNA was found at the crime scene […]

  • John Mina: Orlando’s New Police Chief

    by Conner Price   John Mina, Orlando’s police chief has been elected by the people of Orlando as sheriff for Orange County, winning the race against two other opponents. Mina, who will replace Jerry Demmings will be taking over his new role over in January. Mina’s career started with the United States Army as a […]

  • Family Feud Night or Netflix?

    by Selena Ally   Freedom High students are gathering on the night of November 15th, 2018, at the PAC, to hold the annual Family Feud night. An event which is celebrated by all students and their families just to have a little fun and take a break from school. There are also prizes that can […]

  • Monticello Holds Lip Sync Battle

    by Aiden Moriarty   The 4th annual Lip Sync Battle hosted by Monticello Academy is occuring on November 30, at 6:30 PM, at the Freedom High School Performing Arts Center. The annual Lip Sync Battle is an event hosted by Monticello Academy to help with the enjoyment of the student body. The premise is that […]

  • Orlando Officers Kill Unarmed Man

    by Giselle Gutierrez   On October 1st, Brian Baker a mentally ill man at Orlando Regional Medical Center was shot after staff called the police because the man claimed he had a gun and would shoot anyone that came near him. The mentally ill man (Brian Baker) was shot because he started going towards the cops […]