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  • Patriot Poem: Mishmash

    Patriot Poem: Mishmash

    Mishmash by Aine Moriarty   A priceless rock. A worthless diamond. A kind killing. A cruel mercy. A clever idiot. A dumb genius. He didn’t understand at all. He didn’t understand why there were ugly flowers and beautiful spiders. Why there were sparkly trash bags and rusted machines. Even helpful diseases and harmful medicines perplexed…

  • Patriot Poem: The Ballet

    Patriot Poem: The Ballet

    The Ballet by Aine Moriarty   She dances, balancing on her fragile feet Plies are easy, as are relevés Working up to the elusive pirouette   Her shoes don’t quite fit She’ll have to buy a new pair   She dances, balancing on her fragile foot She has piqués and chassés squared away Getting to…