[slideshow_deploy id=’61712′]Remaining involved academically, athletically and socially is a dilemma high school students embrace yet struggle to manage.

Valedictorian Chase Granger has excelled in all three of these areas as evident in her 4.9 weighted grade point Average and playing lacrosse. In addition,  she was an active member of SGA, Chemistry Club, Math Club, MU Alpha Theta and NHS. Besides being involved in these organizations, she organized the backstage crew for Brave Aid the past two years.

“[Brave Aid taught me how to] follow a schedule and get things in order and where they needed to be and how to get people to listen to me,” Granger said.

Her accomplishments translated not only into becoming a valedictorian but in scholarships and college admittance. Clemson University offered $12,500 annually. Bright Futures offered her $103 per semester hour.

Despite the offer, Granger is attending the University of Florida with a $500 annual scholarship where acceptance itself is an accomplishment for high school students because of it’s 42 percent acceptance rate.

“[I choose UF] because it was closer to home. Even with the scholarships from Clemson, UF was still cheaper,” Granger said.

High school provided challenges for Granger, specifically, AP Microeconomics was her most challenging class because of emphasis on testing well and the amount of time necessary to know the material well. However, through studying and reviewing old tests, she was able to maintain her perfect GPA.

“[Overall, my greatest struggle in high school as a student was time management.] It took a little while for me to be able to divide my time, but by the end of sophomore year I was able to balance school, lacrosse, friends, family and sleep,” Granger said.

Granger plans on majoring in telecommunications and English and aspires to become a sports announcer or analyst like Fox sports announcer Erin Andrews, who also attended UF.

By Thomas McDonald

Web Editor in Chief

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