Clark-marshmallowFlorida is experiencing temperatures in the 50’s and people up north are saying once again that southerners, especially Floridians, overreact to this cold weather nonsense.

But for someone who has lived here his whole life, six sweaters, two scarves, a wool coat and fuzzy socks in boots are the only natural and understandable reaction. Floridians are used to rain or shine, it is the frost that is seemingly unnatural.

Rain? Floridians will be fine, its just water. Besides, kindergarteners are taught storm safety before they can even understand that rain is not the sky crying.

Sunburn? No problem, that’s just our summer glow. Sunburns occur so often that Florida bodies are partially made of aloe vera lotion by now. Human bodies are made of nearly 75% water but for Floridians 25% of our body is aloe vera.

Cold Weather?

Sorry there isn’t anyone to answer that because any native Floridian in his right mind is under an electric blanket right now.

There may be a person who has just moved from the north laughing at these statements; thinking “It doesn’t even snow!” or “You don’t know cold! I had to walk to school in the snow, uphill both ways!”. Fair point. It doesn’t snow, but we get hurricanes so let’s call it even.

Also, let’s see northerners face 100 degree weather just on a trip to the grocery store. He would probably melt and then have to wait for a harsh  winter to be frozen solid again.

That’s how Floridians feel if it drops below 70, just the opposite. Some brave souls continue to wear their shorts but those crazy Floridians are outliers and should not be counted. True Florida natives know that this is the time to use that coat that is stuffed in the back of the closet.

When the weather gets cold, all the winter wear is squeezed into one outfit. No one cares if they are sweating because they look great in the winter coat that still looks brand new despite owning it for 5+ years.

Northerners have harsher winters, that is true. But the bottom line is that it does not make them superior to a cold Floridian. Southerners are just fine walking around in big coats in 50 degrees and Northerners are fine wearing a lights jacket. End the war on who is colder. Just admire the lovely sweaters and enjoy the cold weather because it’s only here for a few days.


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